What We Know About Your Business

Every day, your business relies on the success and integrity of your technology.

We understand your plant and the business impact of a technology failure. From the scan\sort stations to the loading dock operations, we comprehend the holistic importance and role of each business process. Customer satisfaction is dependent on returning the correct garments, so your rail system needs to be running and recording correctly (whether running Softrol, Positek or some other software).  And to you, it is critical that your trusted vendors can easily access systems to enhance ability to troubleshoot any systems failures and keep your plant floor operations running smoothly.


But it doesn’t end there.


Getting the laundry out the door and to clients in a timely manner is vital. Having been involved in the build of two state-of-the-art plants from the ground up, we understand that every one of your plants has it own unique environmental and logistical challenges (temperature, moisture, layout, etc.) We understand the importance of having your critical systems interfaces documented, allowing you to recover from a plant floor system failure with minimal downtime. And we know the importance of your washers, driers and other core systems being easily monitored to ensure they are getting the right chemical mixes, and that the technology that is driving the automation is working reliably (whether run by ETECH, Milnor or other vendors).

We know how your data exports and imports across your Route Accounting system, and how important it is for clients to have accessible information and communication (whether by email or client portals, using computers or mobile devices). And the integrity of your network is always paramount, with security and backups being of prime importance.

How We Can Help

  • Work with your plant managers to ensure that they are planning on technology failures
  • Preconfigure spare systems for each business critical function
  • Manage and maintain plant floor systems
  • Backup critical data
  • Manage your network security to protect the integrity of your systems
  • Diagnose local network issues and escalate issues up directly with the vendor
  • Manage and maintain mobile technology for your route accounting system
  • Support your barcode printing and scanning
  • Enable you to centrally house email and network resources in a single location to be shared out to your remote facilities and plants as well as allow your management and sales staff to have secure access to network resources when away from the office
  • Interface at significant levels with vendors of key software solutions in your industry, such as Alliant Systems, ETECH, Softrol, Milnor, Positek, Ellis, Automation Dynamics, American Laundry and others


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