What We Know About Your Business

Your Internet connection and your POS system are your most critical technology elements. Signature pads and label printers must always be functioning, as they directly impact your ability to serve the customer and keep your processes flowing smoothly.

And we’re just getting started.

We know a wide variety of pharmacy systems and needs:

RX30, PDX, QS1, PACMED Machine, IVR, Dispense file feeds, Escript transmission issues, Web Refills and more.

The Cardinal Health CSOS system for controlled drug orders is important. Your security camera system and the ability to gather video feeds and images for law enforcement must always be optimized.

How We Can Help

  • Report monthly on proactive services, allowing you to comply with the HIPAA security requirements for Windows Patch Management as well as Antivirus, network security and nightly data backup management
  • Configure your POS systems to comply with the critical PCI compliance
  • Work with vendors and allow safe and secure access to your systems
  • Conduct monthly backups to verify that data is being backed up to prevent hardware failure and prep for disaster recovery

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