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A trusted IT partner has never been more important. Your tellers, phones and ATMs are your most critical business units. Security monitoring (IPS/IDS) is high priority to you. An auditable IT procedure for new user creation, removal of terminated staff, and changing security access for existing users is paramount.


Your Information Security Officer is under an intense work load, with everything from vendor due diligence requirements to the mountain of policies and annual audits.


And there’s more. Supporting and strengthening your Clean Desk and Network and Computer Usage Policy is key. Your industry faces a wide range of risks on a daily basis. Few things are as important as your deficiency risk matrix, and you face a daily education battle with your clients and employees, regarding sending and receiving confidential information.

How We Can Help

  • Work closely with you to identify cost effective and compliant solutions that are not priced-based on your asset size
  • Provide daily assistance and support and work behind the scene proactively managing and maintaining your wide variety of critical information systems
  • Conduct monthly scans on external security to ensure internal IT and/or external partners have not unintentionally put the information systems at risk due to a miss-configuration
  • Perform Security Awareness Seminars and Provide guidance for required Information Security Training programs
  • Help shore up deficiencies, enabling you to make continual improvements that lower your risk profile

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