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One of the potentially most dangerous challenges you can encounter is, not knowing what you don’t know.  But, learning the intricate details of every operating system in your organization is unrealistic and can keep you from being properly focused on your core business. Having the information about your critical business processes stored in a central location, would allow your business to function more efficiently and more effectively. Streamlined business processes across your entire organization would give you more control, increase margins and stimulate profitable growth.

But, having the hardware in place to do that is one thing.  Making sure it’s functioning at maximum efficiency is another.

We understand that you rely heavily on your ERP software system so you need partners who share that understanding and work toward the common goal of helping you reduce costs and move business forward—a partner who can help you streamline IT needs in order to eliminate waste and improve productivity and profitability.

How We Can Help

  • Infrastructure install and hardware, software and database set up
  • Varying degrees of support from set up to troubleshooting to consulting—all designed to proactively solve client database challenges
  • Monthly maintenance services
  • Comprehensive analysis and detailed performance recommendations, in the following key areas:
    • Database health
    • Data and log partitioning
    • Adequacy of CPU, network connection and configuration
    • Waits and queues
    • Missing indexes

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