Project Services

We partner with you to balance the benefits of current and future technologies with the realities of your business. Knowing what you need to accomplish as a business to be successful will keep us focused on what is best for you. We see ourselves as stewards of your time and money.

What We Do

For every project, we will collaborate with you to first:

  • Understand our role based on your needs
  • Identify your business objectives
  • Define the key success factors
  • Define the key performance indicators

Our Technology Assessment Project melds with our CIO services to provide the following annual lifecycle:

  • Objective evaluation of the current state of affairs
  • Key business objective/initiative assessment
  • Creating a clear business case for a technology that supports the initiative
  • Reviewing how the plan helps accomplish the business objectives
  • Prioritization of projects
  • Defining the benefits expected to achieve and the resources required
  • Execution and delivery of the project on time and on budget
  • Documentation of the delivery and of business value

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